Rules & Blacklist

Created: 28 August 2023, 07:59:19 BDST
Last updated: 28 August 2023, 08:25:04 BDST


  • Keep the server and website a friendly and safe space. No mistreatment of others will be tolerated. No bigotry, such as racism, LGBTphobia or ableism is permitted whatsoever. Anyone found to be engaging in harassment or hate speech will not be welcome here.
  • This is a SFW space. NSFW jokes, references, and anything of a sexual nature is not allowed in this server and website. Do not discuss alcohol or drugs either.
  • Please tag any common triggers such as bugs, body horror, de-reality, eye strain, etc. Bright flashing or fast moving GIFs are not allowed as they can cause problems for people with epilepsy or who are prone to sensory overload. Additionally, keep all discussion of graphic violence, gore, or disturbing topics (e.g self harm, suicide, disordered eating) out of the server and site entirely; this is not the time nor place for that!
  • Listen to the staff team. We’re here to help, after all! If you follow our instructions and advice, you won’t have any trouble here.
  • Please do not minimod, and do not reply to anyone asking questions to the staff if you are not a member of staff.
  • You must have some sort of active online presence such as a, Twitter or DeviantART account to participate in Lunchbox Lions! You must also be part of this website. If you leave the Discord, you won't be able to purchase items, buy adoptables, or redeem artwork until you come back.
  • Leave discourse at the door! This closed species community is not a place to debate. Fandom discourse, LGBT+ discourse and everything under the discourse umbrella isn't welcome here.
  • We are firmly against proshipping and anyone found engaging in proship content will not be welcome in the Lunchlions community.
  • No media on our Media Blacklist may be discussed within the server and on the website. 
  • Please tag the topics and media on our Staff Blacklist accordingly.


  • Only staff members and Guest Artists can make adoptables and customs! You may gift, trade or request custom Lunchbox Lion designs, but they cannot be sold or commissioned & the appropriate items must be used to approve the design.
  • CBCs are allowed - and even encouraged! - but you must not make CBCs from the following pieces of media in the Lunchbox Lions Media Blacklist below. We also do not allow CBCs of real people - for example, you wouldn't be permitted to make a CBC of real life Markiplier, but a CBC of his character from Who Killed Markiplier is okay. If in doubt, please ask!
  • When creating a CBC, you must list the media that they are from. If you are caught lying about a CBC's source in order to avoid being caught by the blacklist, your Lunchlion will not be approved and we reserve the right to take action against your presence in the species.
  • We do not own the concept of animals with lunchbox tails. Food tails are a common trait in furry design and we would never claim that concept as uniquely ours. However, please keep in mind that Lunchbox Lions must be approved & on the Masterlist to redeem art and items; no "knock-off" designs can be used! We also don't permit designs not on our Masterlist to be referred to as Lunchbox Lions or Lunchlions as a species name. When sharing unofficial or unapproved Lunchlion designs publically, please do not refer to them as Lunchlions.
  • No offensive designs are permitted. Any hateful or inappropriate elements of a design will not be approved. This includes culturally appropriative or stereotypical designs. If in doubt, please ask staff!
  • Lunchbox Lions are a species based around nostalgia and comfort. Hints of darker themes are okay as long as they stay hints - no repulsive, immoral or unsafe content may be used within the story or personality of your Lunchlion. No Lunchbox Lion is, for example, a danger to children or to their companion.
  •  All Lunchbox Lions must carry edible food. They're permitted to carry no food, or to carry accessories in their lunchbox, but the majority of the contents must be edible. Spoiled food, for example, would not be permitted.
  • We reserve the right to blacklist & void the Lunchbox Lions of any user who violates our rules.


Lunchbox Lions Media Blacklist

You cannot make CBCs, mention or reference any of the listed topics.

  • Attack on Titan
  • Dream SMP
  • any Vivziepop property (e.g Helluva Boss, Hazbin Hotel, etc)
  • any SrPelo property (e.g Spooky Month)
  • any Mongeko/Mogeko/Deep Sea Prisoner property
  • Hetalia
  • Countryhumans
  • Detroit Become Human
  • Killing Stalking
  • South Park
  • any Genshin Impact character from the Sumeru region
  • Jekyll and Hyde

Lunchbox Lions Staff Blacklist

The following topics may be mentioned, have CBCs/designs themed around them, etc. but must be spoiler tagged & warned accordingly. To spoiler tag text on Discord, type like so: ||text|| To spoiler tag an image on Discord, select the "Spoiler Attachment" option when posting your image. An example of a properly tagged post: CW topic // ||text about the topic||
Tagging these topics allows our Staff team to safely do their jobs!

  • Miu Iruma (Danganronpa)
  • My Little Pony creepypasta
  • Emetophobia/vomit/unsanitary jokes
  • Medical complications, medical procedures (incl. heart attacks, terminal illnesses)
  • High pitched sounds/loud noises
  • The Conjuring
  • Paranormal Activity
  • Until Dawn
  • Supernatural (TV show)
  • Voltron Legendary Defender
  • Images of cats standing on two legs
  • Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
  • Bojack Horseman
  • The Backrooms
  • Dear Evan Hansen

Misc. Cases

The following media are allowed to be discussed in the server/Site without spoiler tagging, but are case-by-case for creating Lunchbox Lions inspired from the media. Circumstances are listed beside them.

  • Welcome Home: CBCs (even generally, outside of the species) of the characters / any direct inspiration from the media itself are not allowed as of now, following the creator's wishes.
  • VTuber Mascots: CBCs of VTubers / any direct inspiration from VTubers, no matter the permissions, are not allowed.