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For items you got before the site's release! Open the details for the form!


To get your items in your user inventory! Please try fill out the form only once out of convenience. If you forget an item or items after your submission has been accepted, you are free to submit another form.

Form to fill in:

  • Bank Username: [from the old Bank spreadsheet]
  • Add the items you've had prior to the Lorekeeper/website release in the "Rewards" section

If you fail to fill out the form properly, your prompt will be cancelled or rejected.




No rewards.

Have a Lunchbox Lion based of an intellectual property / IP? Open the details for the form!


Please add all Lunchbox Lions that a label about being IP-inspired to one submission. If you have A LOT of Lunchbox Lions needing to be checked, you are free to link a shared Google document with all your Lunchbox Lions if it gets too big for the prompt's comments.

We would like all IP-inspired Lunchbox Lions to be submitted and updated, no matter how subtle or obvious it is.

Form to fill in:

  • ML Link: (Add it to the characters section as well)
  • IP Inspiration:
    • Examples
      • "[Full Character Name] from [Source]" - "Walter White from Breaking Bad"
      • "[Song] by [Artist]" - "Baby Blue by Badfinger"
      • "[Source/Media Title]" - "Breaking Bad"

Fill the form for each Lunchbox Lions that needs updating. If you fail to fill out the form properly, your prompt will be cancelled.


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Lunchbox Lions Media Blacklist
You cannot make CBCs, mention or reference any of the listed topics.

  • Attack on Titan
  • Dream SMP
  • any Vivziepop property (e.g Helluva Boss, Hazbin Hotel, etc)
  • any SrPelo property (e.g Spooky Month)
  • any Mongeko/Mogeko/Deep Sea Prisoner property
  • Hetalia
  • Countryhumans
  • Detroit Become Human
  • Killing Stalking
  • South Park
  • any Genshin Impact character from the Sumeru region
  • Jekyll and Hyde

Misc. Cases
The following media are allowed to be discussed in the server without spoiler tagging, but are case-by-case for creating Lunchbox Lions inspired from the media. Circumstances are listed beside them.

  • Welcome Home
    • CBCs (even generally, outside of the species) of the characters / any direct inspiration from the media itself are not allowed as of now, following the creator's wishes.
  • VTuber Mascots
    • Case-by-case. Must look up if the creator is comfortable with CBCs of their mascot in a Closed Species setting. Must check in with the staff and show permission from the creator.


No rewards.

In order to resell or voucher your Lunchbox Lion for monetary value (with adopts, more than their original price paid) you MUST get an official appraisal. Submit with the forms in the description.


In order to resell or voucher your Lunchbox Lion for monetary value (with adopts, more than their original price paid) you MUST get an official appraisal.

Appraisals are to protect you as a buyer!
Please take note that ignoring appraisal rules purchasing unappraised Lunchbox Lions does not allow you to resell at the Lunchbox Lion's unappraised price. We will not adjust the sale value to let you scam someone else just because our rules were ignored.

Appraisals are necessary to keep track of the monetary value of your Lunchbox Lion and you wish to take any kind of money-related offers on your Lunchbox Lion.

  • Without appraisal, Lunchbox Lion adopts obtained through purchase may be resold for no more than the amount paid for them.
  • When reselling, you cannot take full resale of the Lunchbox Lion's listed sale value with additional add-ons. When taking add-ons, a reasonable amount should be knocked off the appraisal price.
  • Please do not purchase a Lunchbox Lion without checking if the Lunchbox Lion has been appraised to the sale value. Do not purchase if the owner is charging over their listed sale value.
  • Trading your Lunchbox Lion will not void the sale value. As long as the Lunchbox Lion is marked as being able to be sold, then it can be sold for up to the sale value.

  • Masterlist images will not be considered for appraisal.
  • Commissioned art may be added to your Lunchlion's sale value, but only for the amount you have personally invested.
  • Personal art may be added to your Lunchlion's sale value, but only in accordance with previous commissions you've taken and/or what you have priced your art at.
  • Gifts, requests, things you traded to obtain the Lunchbox Lion, or art purchased by others that have not been appraised do not increase the value.


If you are caught breaking the TOS and specifically these rules, you may be subject to any of the following punishments:

  • Blacklisting/Bans
  • Voiding of your Lunchbox Lion(s)
  • If you have any further questions, please contact staff or the Discord. Thank you!



Fill this form out for each piece of artwork adding to the Lunchbox Lion's monetary value. Put the Lunchbox Lion's character code in the "Characters" section.

Price: (in USD and GBP)
Image Link:

When appraising for multiple pieces of work in one submission, put a total at the bottom.

Total: (in USD and GBP)



For images, using or Google Drive is recommended!


  • A screenshot of payment proof to the commissioner OR invoice links
  • Image of context regarding the commission, it can be either/both:
    • Conversation regarding the commission 
    • Artist's prices listed 

Personal Art:

  • Proof of prior commissions is recommended but not required, following the same requirements in the commission proof above.
  • If you have not sold prior commissions of the art type in question, these alternatives work:
    • Price sheet pertaining to your art 
    • Proof of similar works
      • (i.e. you sold a sketch headshot for $20 before, and made a painted headshot you are appraising at $35)

Submissions to this prompt are hidden.


No rewards.

Lunchbox Lions may be voided upon request of a member of staff and for any reason.


Voided Lunchbox Lions may not be used in any official group activities or prompts. It will still be listed on the official Masterlist for archival purposes.

By submitting this prompt, you understand that your Lunchbox Lion(s) can no longer be used in Lunchbox Lion-related events and within the community.

If you understand all those terms, submit the Lunchbox Lion(s) you wish to be voided in the Characters section below.


No rewards.
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