IP-Inspired/CBC Turn-In

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Have a Lunchbox Lion based of an intellectual property / IP? Open the details for the form!


Please add all Lunchbox Lions that a label about being IP-inspired to one submission. If you have A LOT of Lunchbox Lions needing to be checked, you are free to link a shared Google document with all your Lunchbox Lions if it gets too big for the prompt's comments.

We would like all IP-inspired Lunchbox Lions to be submitted and updated, no matter how subtle or obvious it is.

Form to fill in:

  • ML Link: (Add it to the characters section as well)
  • IP Inspiration:
    • Examples
      • "[Full Character Name] from [Source]" - "Walter White from Breaking Bad"
      • "[Song] by [Artist]" - "Baby Blue by Badfinger"
      • "[Source/Media Title]" - "Breaking Bad"

Fill the form for each Lunchbox Lions that needs updating. If you fail to fill out the form properly, your prompt will be cancelled.


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Lunchbox Lions Media Blacklist
You cannot make CBCs, mention or reference any of the listed topics.

  • Attack on Titan
  • Dream SMP
  • any Vivziepop property (e.g Helluva Boss, Hazbin Hotel, etc)
  • any SrPelo property (e.g Spooky Month)
  • any Mongeko/Mogeko/Deep Sea Prisoner property
  • Hetalia
  • Countryhumans
  • Detroit Become Human
  • Killing Stalking
  • South Park
  • any Genshin Impact character from the Sumeru region
  • Jekyll and Hyde

Misc. Cases
The following media are allowed to be discussed in the server without spoiler tagging, but are case-by-case for creating Lunchbox Lions inspired from the media. Circumstances are listed beside them.

  • Welcome Home
    • CBCs (even generally, outside of the species) of the characters / any direct inspiration from the media itself are not allowed as of now, following the creator's wishes.
  • VTuber Mascots
    • Case-by-case. Must look up if the creator is comfortable with CBCs of their mascot in a Closed Species setting. Must check in with the staff and show permission from the creator.


No rewards.